Fire&Safety Taiwan
8 – 10 May 2019 Taipei, Taiwan More info

Focused Solutions

Fire & Safety aims to facilitate cross-sector partnerships and uncover innovative solutions within three sectors. 

Smart Retail

With an increase in urban population and advances in building technologies leading to the rising number of underground, high-rise and mega-sized buildings, people who work and live in these buildings are now faced with new fire and disaster preparedness challenges not found in the traditional ones. Backed by its robust ICT base, Taiwan plays a key role in realizing smart solutions for fire safety, industrial safety and disaster management in the new types of buildings 

Smart fire safety zone featuring a wide range of products in-demand

  • Active fire safety equipment
  • Passive fire safety equipment
  • HVAC equipment
  • Other special equipment 
  • Fire & Safety MIT


  • Converging IoT, big data and cloud technologies to uncover the latest fire safety and disaster prevention solutions in long-term care facilities, nursing home, mixed use buildings, railway and tunnels, high-rise buildings, residential buildings and factories. 
Intelligent Transportation

Intensified global climate change and geographical vulnerability to natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, heavy rains, floods and landslides, have heightened Taiwan’s needs for smart disaster prevention solutions. As the annual gathering place for disaster prevention professionals in Taiwan, Fire & Safety 2019 is where you captilize on the opportunities and uncover the latest disaster managemenet solutions

Smart disaster prevention zone showcasing innovative solutions in: 

  • Smart emergency management
  • National science research 
  • Innovative disaster mitigation and rescue
Smart Factory

While the emergence of A.I. and IoT has enabled manufacturing companies to improve production efficiency, reduce labor cost and optimize factory management, the adoption of smart manufacturing has also created new challenges unseen in the traditional factory safety and management. Align with the current technology trends, Smart factory and industrial zone will go beyond conventional industrial safety to address issues in man-machine collaboration, explosion prevention, new workforce management model and personal safety in high-tech factories.

Uncovering  the most trending solutions in:

  • Machine visions and human-machine collaboration
  • Access control 
  • Surveillance
  • Factory automation
  • Factory safety and sanitation
  • Personal safety